10 Steps Guide to Choose a Cheap Web Design Company?

One of the biggest questions that many entrepreneurs and companies encounter at some point in time during their entrepreneurial journey is whether to choose a Brand name or the cheap web design company around the corner that claims its quality of service to be high yet affordable.

If you are reading this article, it may be that your company or business has just decided that you need a new website, for many reasons such as –:laughing

Do not have a website?

Maybe your website has become obsolete?

And now you feel like you are in a dark alley, where you do not know what the next step is.

At some point in time, you might have thought that someone from within the company, or an acquaintance or friend who does the kind of web design work you are looking for, could be of help.

But Noooo! The results that came were never as good as you expected.

Now that you're locked in a tight deadline, You’re thinking this was the worst decision you've ever made for your company. You've thrown time and money in the trash. Well, don’t lose hope entirely, and just listen to what we have to say!

You have probably heard us say this a thousand times:

"If you are not visible on the internet, you do not exist" … right?

Well, equally alarming is if you do exist, but with a poorly made presence that does more bad than good.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that the presence of your company on the internet is diminishing little by little until it disappears.

This sounds very bad.

Do not think about it, but it could happen, in fact, it has happened to many businesses around the world.

Do you have someone in your company who can make your website?

Maybe your answer is yes ... or you do not know.

It is also likely that even if you have decided that it is someone from your company who does the web design, you cannot dedicate enough time for it, so it does not compensate you to devote extra effort to do this work.

You do not want to waste time on something you are not an expert at, so congratulations, a very smart decision.wink

And now what company should you hire to make the design of your website of my company?

Congratulations!! You go down the road to get more customers but beware of the choice of fellow travellers.


Web design is a long trip, and I do not mean to finish the website, that is not a long time, but the relationship that comes after the website has finished.

Webpage finished, goodbye!

At that time, what does the web design company do? Did you think that the normal thing is that once the work is finished the design company leaves, and only contact once a year to pass the invoice of the hosting ( the server that hosts the web)?

And now that I already have a new website what?

Do you want a web page to find/find new leads?

Do you want a website just to present your products or services?

They seem simple questions to answer, but nothing further from reality, and we tell you that:

You want a web page to present your products or services, and you want the web to generate new customers, the 2 things at the same time.

Can it?

Clear! This is what’s called Web Design SEO.

If any company offers you an incredible website to present your products or services, but they are not experts in SEO ... you will have a nice website that your potential customers will not reach, they will be looking for a company like yours, but they will not find you. We explain in the following video:



The first thing that you must consider is the budget that you can invest for the web design of your page.

Invest, do not take away.

Depending on what you can afford, you can get a template web of some well-known brand of mass web designs announced by television, to a premium, elegant design that is responsive and fits all mobile devices.

How to value a web design budget and positioning?

When you receive the budget of a web design company, you must know if it includes all the design of the web, including images, writing of necessary texts, revisions, etc.

Never hesitate to ask all this, to discard in your case companies that are increasing the web design based on the content to be added to the website, or to charge an extra for additional images, or to include more service tabs.


One of the points that you have to deal with when looking for a web design provider is if you can finish the job on the date your business needs.


If you are not in a hurry the price of the web will not be increased. Now, if you design a web design with urgency, according to which companies you will find higher prices since they must allocate more resources punctually for your web project, completely logical thing.

If you need a website for yesterday, you'll have to shell out more money.

The normal thing for a web services project for a company that sells products and/or services, with up to 10 internal pages of service explanations, etc. can be between 1 month and 2 months duration of the web design project, So you can have a reference.

Although everything depends on the complexity of the project.


The big question here is: mobile web or responsive web?

Responsive, please!

You can ask if you need the web adapted to mobile and tablets, and come to a conclusion, but it does not matter, in case you have concluded that you do NOT need your website to be adapted on mobile devices, We are going to say the following: "Even if your company does not need it, it really does need it".

Your business needs a website that fits mobile devices!

Currently, the connections to web pages from mobile devices are growing, and let us break I to you, that the mobile is no longer the future but it is the present.

This is not the fundamental reason why you should have your website prepared for mobile devices, the fundamental reason has to do with positioning.


Not that we say it, says Google: "As you do not have your web adapted to mobile devices, you will not appear in the search results for mobile."



And the most interesting (or worrying, if you do not have your web adapted) is that mobile searches are growing at an almost exponential rate, as we can see in this chart of mobile searches vs. desktop searches in the Australian market:

Australian Market

In addition, studies by Google itself indicate that mobile users are more likely to visit a store or buy certain products or services after a search.


The conclusion is simple, you should adapt if you want to prosper with your business in Google searches.

Find a provider that designs adaptable mobile devices, that you trust and teach you to work that has done with other customers ...

Do we continue?


The portfolio (or customer portfolio) of a web design company shows some of the work they have done, so it can guide you to know what web designs are capable of doing, and if you like your style or styles.

Typically, web design companies can adapt to the style of the website that their customers want.


It is not necessary.

It is important to know if web design companies have experience in your specific industry, and although this is not decisive, it can be very useful.


Because the fact of having tried markets similar to yours would give them an extra confidence when designing the web thinking about which are the potential customers and how they look for in Google.

So, everything will start in the best way possible, and after a few months the results when viewing your website in important positions of Google, will be good, otherwise this is not taken into account, certainly, the results, They simply will not exist.

But it is also true that creative companies, we are dedicated to web design and positioning in Google, we have to reinvent ourselves every day, so we have not worked in your industry, it is not a problem, we will be experts in your industry to help To your company.


Do you want to be visible on the internet for those who do not know you?

Well, then you have to think before in the design, SEO positioning.

This is basic if you want to appear well positioned! And we already anticipate that the best option is to hire an SEO company.

As we said before, in case you have an excellent web design that has not been designed by SEO experts, you will have a nice web that will not reach new customers.

In short, you will have thrown the money ...

You will have to ask companies or web design providers if included in the price the realisation of the site with good SEO practices.

But well, we already know the response of most web designers:

"..Of course, the web is series ready to put the titles and descriptions that Google hopes .."

Classic answer, basic answer.

Actually we mean that the web design company should be expert in SEO (positioning web), that is to say, that handle hundreds of factors that Google hopes to classify the webs in their search engine.


A typical website of a B2B service provider can have about 10 internal pages, which will require content to inform the user (and Google) of how the company works, what services it has, who they are, etc.

"I do not want much text on the web!"

This is what some customers tell us, but then ... How do we tell Google what your business does and what services do you offer?

Web pages must have content, but not any content.

Your website needs quality content written by content positioning and marketing experts.

Normally small businesses do not have the time or staff to write texts for the website, so the work should be done by someone else.

That is why it is important to know if the web design company is accustomed to generating content for web pages, and if it does that work, and if it is contained in the price of the web.

It is clear that you must collaborate telling the basics about your company, but a good web design company should have staff accustomed to writing texts intended for a good user experience (and also think of Google).

And most importantly, those texts must be unique throughout the world ...

Here is not the "copy-paste", nor the "copy-paste-retouch" wink

A classic web design company can not offer these services.

You will have to look for a new modern company and thought to help other companies, not only to design your web, but also to write content, SEO, and advise you in online marketing.

In short, a classic web design company is made up of web designers ... only.

A modern web design company, is actually an online marketing company, which includes copywriting, design, programming, video marketing, etc ...


You already have your website!

Now is the time for you to ask yourself a series of questions:

What will happen when the web design is finished?

Who will take the maintenance of the web?

You should know if there is a maintenance after the web design, or if they will monitor 404 errors (typical errors when launching a new web), and correct errors and URL's lost with 301 redirects (very important so that the web does not lose authority on Face to Google).

Look for a company that does not let you hang with your website! The most logical thing to do is to choose a company that will not be disconnected until the following year when it comes back to pass the invoice of the hosting (as some do), but follow hand with you to accompany you all the way to your company Success on the internet.


In conclusion, you will have wisely chosen if:

  1. Do not design your website, you or your computer friend
  2. You want and demand a website attract new customers (for the same price)
  3. You dedicate a medium budget for the design and the SEO of your web
  4. You want your web services for within 1-2 months
  5. We have convinced you and now you need a web adapted to mobile devices
  6. You have looked at the portfolio of web design companies that you have selected as candidates
  7. You have chosen a web design company with experience in sectors similar to yours
  8. You have chosen a web design company, expert in SEO
  9. You want good unique content written by experts for your web
  10. You want the web design company and online marketing to accompany you on your way on the internet, and not disappear once the web design
  11. You are looking for a serious and trustworthy company to help you with your web and your visibility in Google

And now Your Website Positioning!

We have written this article because many customers have had bad experiences and have come to us to help them.

The good thing is the bad experiences make you learn and so do not stumble twice with the same stone.

website Ranking

It seems logical, but in this online world where you get kicked and hundreds and hundreds of web design companies and SEO positioning come out, you're likely to get the wrong company.

We hope this article will guide you to make the right decision when it comes time to find your provider in Online Marketing.

And of course, if you need help or are lost in these issues, we will be happy to listen and advise you on everything you need.

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