SEO Trends and Changes To Expect in 2018

SEO Trends and Changes To Expect in 2018

The time when the Internet has just been created, there are only vague purposes on how people will use it. Google Search and other search engines don’t know yet that this will be a platform for everything.

As time goes by the people loved searching new things online; relying everything that they’ll do on the search engine and making sure that they are updated all the time.

And as of today, SEO is the key for businesses to take exposure; so that people can look at their websites and make a purchase out of their products. It has evolved to something wonderful and at the same time destructive.

Now, words or phrases are not the only factor to look at on how you can be at the top of the search results. Search engines especially Google have released new and exciting SEO trends that should be expected to air this 2018.

1. Artificial Intelligence
The search engine results will be changed through Artificial Intelligence. You will not hire hundreds of dollars to self-proclaimed SEO experts to help you rank higher online. But that doesn’t mean that you should slack off in your SEO game.

You should still provide quality content to place your post at the first page of Google Search result. The crawlers will look at the website itself and will check if your content is reliable and not fake so that users will not have a hard time reading fake news or articles.

2. Improved User Experience
Before, users have had a hard time finding sites that are reliable but with the new and improved user experience of SEO, they will easily pick the sites wherein they can purchase services and/or products safely.

This is a great factor for your business. You will have a better chance of attracting new customers into your net and make a profit out of them.

3. Visual Search Arises
One of the factors of an Improved User Experience is the visual search. Nowadays, people are more attracted to websites with a lot of pretty graphic designs, and pictures.

As you can see on websites like Google, Pinterest, and Facebook, they are famous for their visually appealing designs. We are not just into words anymore; users are seeking sites that have the most distinct yet eye-catching style that’s why Google launched Visual Search.

4. Featured Snippets, Quick Answers
To stay up running against other competitors, your featured snippet on every page or post of your website should be informative yet compact. Users will click immediately after seeing a catchy one but always to remember that your content should be as high quality as your snippet.

5. Voice Search
One out of five searches online is a voice search. It only shows that the keywords that you’ll place on your website should not be keyboard-friendly but also short for those voice search users.

It is the era where people are getting lazier as time goes by so make sure that you cope up with them to attract them into going into your business’ website and make a profit out of them.

6. Building links will be your top priority
Building outbound links to point out references is a healthy way of telling people that you’re not a selfish website owner. It shows people that you’re a helpful person trying to help them get what they searched for.

But building inbound links is quite hard but it’s worth the effort. Guest posting or blogging for other website owners to exchange links with you will pay off someday so make sure that your link is scattered throughout the internet for maximum exposure.

7. Mobile-First Index
The era where almost all of the people around the globe use their iPhones or Android phones as a mode of searching, purchasing, and entertaining themselves. So make sure that your website is mobile-optimized to make sure that users still can visit your site through their phones.

Search Engines especially Google will release a lot of SEO Trends this year so make sure that you’re updated!

You can update your website’s SEO to the latest trend, you can search for tutorials online but you can always rely to Website SEO Experts to help you.

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