Why WIX Websites Are Not Good For SEO

Why WIX Websites Are Not Good For SEO

Yes we all have heard of how cheap a WIX website is. It’s very easy to set up but usually if something is so easy to do it cannot be good for you? Then again if you do not have enough money to spend on a custom site i suppose you only have one option. Well that is not the case anymore with companies who are designing custom web design solutions are a very affordable price, even cheaper than a WIX site. Custom websites that are built Google friendly at a fraction of the cost of its competitors everyone has a chance to grow a strong online presence and drive customers through the digital doors.

WIX websites are built with flash technology, flash technology does not go great with Google advertising. So if a company is willing to take on your company based and is trying to sell you a SEO package for your WIX site they are just wanting your money. As they will know about ranking WIX site on page one of Google is next to impossible. A reputable company will inform you about this issue and advise that you to get a custom site built before spending any more money on SEO or any Google advertising.

The URL structures of a WIX website are terrible. It will add strange characters to the URL. This is just not SEO friendly at all. SEO is very competitive every little thing matters when trying to rank on page 1 of Google. You must do everything right from the start; you cannot cut any corners with SEO or anything that you want to succeed in.

I suppose a much easier way to find out if a WIX website is SEO friendly and can rank on page one of Google is to simply type in a keyword specific to the industry you are targeting and see what sites are ranking page 1. If then scroll to the bottom of the website you will then see what company made the site. I bet it is done on a platform that is not a WIX site. Now this article is not just attacking WIX websites it’s merely stating the facts about the advertising side of the site.

First things first you need to know what your site will be doing for your company. Are you going to be selling a product online? Are you just a blog site or a online business card? Will you be aggressively advertising on Google since 90% of online business is found on Google? See some users who are not a legitimate business and are more of a hobby site, templated sites that will not allow you to rank on Google will do fine, because you’re not aggressively advertising your business to gain new customers. But how many people go into any business idea with the thought of not making money, not many.

With companies now who do custom designed websites in Melbourne that are already built for Google advertising with really fair prices. These custom designed sites are usually the same price or even cheaper. So you should really do your research before rushing into getting a site made, doing research can save you a lot of money and heart ache down the road. Going with a boutique agency based in Melbourne you will find that your knowledge of everything to do with your website will increase dramatically. Nine times out of ten you will be speaking with a engineer who can explain everything to you and answer all of your why questions. You should call a Melbourne based web design company like for a free chat about how you can maximize your investment on your site. We do not go into a business idea to never succeed so that's why you should be starting out the right way. More knowledge you have the better off you are.