At Gossip Web Design when we take any web design Gold Coast projects, we make sure to participate and be involved with it more than 100%, bringing our experience as added value, we also guide and advise you on how to make your project a great one.

The question is whether you just want to be on the internet, or have a popular and highlighted listing. Because making web pages is easy and Google is full of them. A business card, with an image and simple text is already a web page. But if you're here it's because you want something more, you want your website to be highlighted, and we put at your disposal all our knowledge to make it so.

You bring the idea, we make it a reality.

The way we work

 We design your portal according to your idea, with the structure and colors that you would like to have. Our graphic designers first prepare a sketch and the development team then develops it and works on the required changes or improvements.

 We search and select the images according to the need of your website.

 We prepare the future of your website by creating a natural positioning base in stable and optimized SEO search engines, helping your website to grow organially.

 We include at no extra cost a Blog or News System to help keep your website fresh & alive.

 We include at no additional cost during the first year the price of the recovery, transfer or registration of your domain.

 We include at no additional cost during the first year the price of the web hosting of your project and the e-mail accounts.

 We offer unlimited warranty on our developments.

 We include free of charge SEO analysis and consulting for those customers who entrust us with the development of website and hire our SEO positioning service.

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