Web Development Melbourne

At Gossip Web Design, we carry out web development keeping in mind every aspect of the requested objectives, strictly following the aesthetics submitted and approved previously. We also take into account the principles of SEO for proper optimization that provide a flexible indexing in search engines like Google. In addition, the web programming that we develop is based on PHP and MySQL language ( databases ). Styles with CSS, JavaScript and Ajax are also used for more complex interfaces.

A good web development must take into account 8 fundamental aspects

  Solidity: it is very important to hire a web hosting service according to the needs of the project and located in the locality. But at the same time, it should offer speed, good performance, customer service and an easy to manage control panel.

 Creativity: Good web design captures the attention of users by encouraging sales, loyalty and makes them the brand's prescribers.

 Usability: A website should be easy to navigate. We make sure that your website offers a smooth as well as robust user experience to move comfortably and we guide him to click on the button that interests us most.

 Simplicity: Beauty must also be inside. The web development that we offer you is just the amount of lines of code that your web needs, neither more nor less. Google prioritizes websites with a clean source code. The easier source code development, Google will index it faster and facilitate good positioning.

 Speed: Speed has a lot to do with simplicity in source code; However, there are many more aspects to take into account in web development that facilitate a fast load as optimized images. At Gossip Web Design we take care of every detail and at the time of the web development, we make sure that the images have the highest quality possible and at the same time they should load as quickly as possible.

  Security: While we are programming the web, we take care of implementing the necessary security plug-ins to avoid malware and, on the other hand, we implement an application that allows us to have a constant backup of all the web development and the database to protect the information.

  Measurement: Do you really want to know how many visits you have had each month? Which pages are the most viewed? How many people have shared your post? Today, every online project is measurable. Just before publishing your web page, we implement a Google Analytics account so you can keep track of your website performance. We can also add analytical plugins that allow you to have a simple view of the progress of your website.

  Value based content : We always recommend that within a web page, we can implement a blog that serves as a platform to add content of value and thus attract your users. Google rewards good content with positioning but obviously, if the container (the web) has a well-optimized web development, the content is more likely to be indexed by Google.

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